Northern Cyprus has one of the lowest rental properties in eastern Europe

With the ever increasing number of students coming to northern cyprus, Realtors are constantly constructing mutiple blocks to help address the market. Learn more about prices of off campus accommodation from our application


Northern Cyprus Has all of its transport systems following a predetermined schedule

Because every means of transport leaves certain terminals at specific times, its makes it easier to travel by both public trans port and school transport which is free state round.

Shopping Outlets

In spite the island being relatively small, it still packs enough the malls that are activity centers to a wide range of social and recreational activites

This is made possible by the lack of a specific metropolitan area or surbub classification. Hence every surbub in every city is equally priced, with equal service locations and tariffs.

Night Life/Events

With students consumeing over half the population, one can never have a dull time on the island.

The level of cultural diversification has given vent to inter-university functions, and students to organize their own easily. With the ever increasing population, its likely to only get better for international students as they get to feel home more.

A Few Facts About Northern Cyprus

  • Northern Cyprus University transport is free.
  • Cyprus is amongst one of the least violent places globally.
  • International students get 50% scholarships.
  • Living expenses are lower in Northern Cyprus than in northern EU.