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We handle all your queries, feedback and greetings from here. We are more than willing to get in touch with our clients regardless their business might be.

Advertising Inquiries

If you are a prospective advetisor please choose the advertising inquiry option to get in contact with our advertisement and marketing personel directly on our contact form.

Job Inquiries

If you like the work we are doing and have a skill you good at. Get in contact and lets help make the world a better place. Choose the job inquiry option on our contact form.

iSHY Management

Meet the people behind the scenes of our amazing app.

Ronald Mukaronda

Chief Developer

Ronald is the lead developer and founder of iSHY.

Ishmail Mataya

Sales & Marketing Chief

Ishmail is a co-founder with marketing skills second to none

Robert Malawusi

Chief Advisor

Robert, a focused intellectual, always driven to succeed.

Alfred Chindedza

Head Of Human Resources

Alfred's by-laws on culture have helped keep the team intact

Our Collaborators & Advisors

Listed below are the people that have shaped iSHY and to whom, we will always be indebted to.

Mehmet Korkmaz


Levent Özerdağ

Angel Partner

Stephen Chikololere

Zimbabwe Represantative

Alice Mukonya

South Africa Rep.

Erbuğ Çelebi


Brighton Muza

Recruitment Admin